Laker stocks a comprehensive range of landscaping products to help you create the outdoor space you want, whether that’s a vegetable garden, outdoor entertainment area, or simply a manicured lawn with planters to break up the space.

Decorative Bark can be used for decorating flower beds and borders and will help with weed suppression, it also aids moisture retention. Play Bark can be used in play and recreation areas and will not lead to staining on clothes as is of high quality pine bark. Decorative Aggregates are ideal for footpaths and driveways as well as enhancing planting areas giving a contemporary look to any design.

Decking Supplies

Timber decking is durable and easy to install, offering a safe and simple way to cross the boundary between indoor and outdoor space. Our Swedish softwood decking is all treated with preservative to add longevity, and lined with grooves to reduce slipperiness in all weather.

A range of tanalized continental trellis panels are available from stocks. They can be used as single fence panels or in combination with tanalized traditional fencing panels enabling customers to create their own fence design. Good for screening purposes.

Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers are incredibly versatile, which is why they’ve gained popularity among gardeners, landscape architects, and even furniture designers. Laker stocks a range of sleepers, including hardwood, in a variety of colours so that you have exactly what you need for your project.

Drainage Systems

Laker stock a comprehensive range of high quality, economical drainage products to suit all applications. All our stocked range is manufactured from either PVCu or Polypropylene making it light to handle, impact resistant, strong, and yet easy to install in even the most complicated layouts.

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Drainage is a requirement wherever unrequired water is present and our Underground Drainage Products are used to route used or unwanted water, beneath the surface, to a disposal point or treatment facility. This may be surface water i.e. rainwater that needs routing to a soakaway or foul water going out to a main sewer. Our range is extensive and covers all the pipes, bends, junctions, connectors and access chambers that you will need, all are push-fit and light to handle, making installation easy.