We pride ourselves on offering all the building supplies you need in a single place, so you don’t need to call round different business for numerous quotes. Our size means we have huge purchase power, offering you excellent savings on a range of building materials and products.

Laker offer a comprehensive range of different bricks and blocks to suit a variety of different building applications.

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Laker stocks a range of roofing products, including battens and boarding for the structure, roofing felts, lead, fixings, GRP roofing materials, and Velux windows. Whether you are working on a new flat roof, repairing a leak, or installing a loft conversion, we have the materials you need to get the job done with the knowledge and peace of mind that your work will last.

Prestressed concrete lintels are designed to support masonry loads, uniformly distributed roof and timber floor loads, attic truss loads, and even concrete floor loads. They offer a minimum of half an hour fire resistance which can be increased by encasing with fire resistant material such as plasterboard.
Our range of steel lintels are manufactured by Keystone and suitable for cavity and single leaf walls. They are manufactured from high grade pre-galvanised steel and cavity type lintels are insulated with CFC free polystyrene that conforms to BS 13163:2008.

Cements are ideal for general purpose concreting and for applications where there are specialised requirements such as early strength, cold weather working and sulphate resistant.

Choose from insulation specifically designed for warm roof constructions, to improve the thermal performance of exterior walls, or prevent heat loss through the loft. Building regulations are increasingly focusing on the efficiency of buildings as a whole, so new builds will need a variety of insulation installed to prevent heat loss through the windows, roof, and walls.

Laker stock a comprehensive range of general building chemicals, from Sealants to Adhesives we are sure you will find what you’re looking for at a great price!